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AN-1165 Room Thermostat This app note shows that the GreenPAKs can implement a room thermostat thanks to its flexibility and configurability 12.67 MB
DA14680/681-01-KnownLimitations DA14680/681-01-KnownLimitations 23.27 KB
SLG46585 Datasheet GreenPAK Programmable Mixed Signal Matrix with Asynchronous State Machine, LDOs, and DC/DC Converter 4.63 MB
Coulomb Counter 5.17 KB
In-System Programming Guide SLG46824/6 In-System Programming Guide SLG46824/6 212.49 KB
iW3609 Product Brief Dimmable Single-Stage Digital LED Driver for 15W SSL Retrofit Bulb Applications 461.49 KB
AN-1010 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design Configurable Generators GreenPAK2 chip has internal components that make creating different systems and circuits with configurable generators included possible. These circuits can be used for triggering other circuits or creating LED periodical blinking 220.17 KB
SLG55550 Datasheet USB Host Charger Identification Analog Switches 126.66 KB
CCU2350 Product Brief 292.88 KB
DA7217 Datasheet Low power stereo codec 1.66 MB
AN-PM-103 DA9061/2 Schematic Checklist AN-PM-103 DA9061/2 Schematic Checklist 250.33 KB
AN-1142 Bat Detector – Ultrasound Translator This application note explains the implementation of a circuit using GreenPAK™ devices to process the ultrasonic signals produced by the sounds that bats emit 4.28 MB
DA1469x AES HASH Engine DA1469x AES HASH Engine 1.33 MB
SLG59M1639V PSpice Model GreenFET3™ Dual P-Channel Reverse Blocking Integrated Power Switch 3.66 KB
DA1469x REACH declaration DA1469x REACH declaration 313.07 KB
GreenPAKによる回路設計・開発方法 GreenPAKによる回路設計・開発方法 154.24 KB
Global Crystal Oscillator Controller GP 4.23 KB
AN-CM-216 Class-D Audio Amplifier In this app note, a GreenPAK™ SLG46140V is used to create a Class-D Audio Amplifier 829.57 KB
UM-B-075: DA1468x State of Charge Functionality UM-B-075: DA1468x State of Charge Functionality 951.71 KB
AN-B-021 DA1458x WLCSP Light Sensitivity AN-B-021 DA1458x WLCSP Light Sensitivity 701.54 KB