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Adaptive Voltage Position Monitor


High efficiency, ultra-low standby, ultra-fast dynamic load response

The iW628 is a precision voltage reference used to quickly detect voltage drops on the output of an AC/DC power supply and provide instantaneous feedback to the controller in order to improve the dynamic loop response of the overall power supply.

The device consumes a minimum amount of current, allowing the overall power supply to maintain no-load power consumption levels below 20mW. As a complement to Dialog's family of PrimAccurate™ AC/DC controllers, the iW628 helps improve the already high performing AC/DC controllers while eliminating additional secondary-side components normally required to achieve similar levels of performance.

Companion product to iW1766C1, iW1767


Fast Response Time to Voltage Changes

Less than 100uA of "Normally-Off" cut-off current during normal operation

Wide Input Voltage Range of 2.5V to 15V (at DRV pin)

Built-in Opto-coupler LED Driver

  • Minimum 2mA Driver Current


AC/DC Power Adapters

AC/DC Networking and Embedded Applications

Precision Voltage Reference

Block Diagrams


Typical applications diagram


Functional block diagram

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