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15W AccuSwitch™ AC/DC Digital Primary-Side Switcher Eliminates Optocoupler and Maintains Excellent Cross-Regulation Accuracy


79kHz integrated 700V power MOSFET optimized for 12Vout

The iW1830 AccuSwitch™ digital PWM converter integrates a highly accurate control circuit with a 700V power MOSFET to provide a complete solution for off-line power conversion at up to 15W of output power.

Dialog's PrimAccurate™ primary-side digital control algorithms eliminate the need for failure-prone optocouplers and ensure excellent cross-regulation accuracy, to enable the longer operating lifetime, high performance and reduced cost required for white goods applications.

The output is designed to smoothly start-up into large capacitors while maintaining a quick turn-on time.  It operates in quasi-resonant mode to optimize efficiency and incorporates a low-power mode that achieves <50mW of no-load power consumption to meet global energy efficiency regulations. Additional features include full protection from over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current conditions as well as EZ-EMI® technology to meet global EMI specifications.

A DiaSIM™ simulation model (32-bit NL5 version only) is available for the iW1830. For more information and where to download, please visit the DiaSIM™ page.

Lifecycle status

● Active


12W – 15W Output Power

AccuSwitch™ - Integrated 700V Power MOSFET

PrimAccurate™ Primary-Side Control

  • No Optocoupler Needed

Intelligent Digital Control Loop for Accurate Voltage Cross-Regulation

Meets Global Energy Efficiency Standards

  • < 50mW No-Load Power Consumption
  • Quasi-resonant Control for Optimal Efficiency

Adaptively Controlled Soft Start-up

Fast, Smooth Start-up Into Large Capacitive Loads

EZ-EMI™ Design to Meet Global EMI Specifications

Fully Protected from Fault Conditions:

Over-Temperature Protection

Output Over-Voltage and Over-Current

Sense-Resistor Short Circuit Protection Application

Thermally Efficient PDIP-7 Package to Support High Power


Networking power for ADSL, wireless access points and routers

Home appliances

Set-top boxes

     Model Available!

Block Diagrams


Typical application diagram


Functional block diagram

DiaSIM logo

Dialog’s DiaSIM simulation models and tools enable simulation and validation of AC/DC power supplies using highly accurate models for selected products. All models and application circuits are available for download from the support website.

Important note: Dialog's DiaSIM models are only compatible with the 32-bit version of NL5.


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Important note: Dialog's DiaSIM models are only compatible with the 32-bit version of NL5.

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