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PrimAccurate™ Digital Controller in a SOT-23 Package


Low-power off-line digital green-mode PWM controller

The iW1707 is a high performance AC/DC controller designed to drive an external power bipolar junction transistor (BJT) for peak current mode PWM flyback power supplies.  Ideal for networking power supplies in applications such as ADSL modems and wireless access points, the iW1707 integrates a proprietary soft-start feature that allows for a smooth, yet fast start-up into capacitive loads between 330uF to 6000uF.

The iW1707 meets the US DoE’s external power supply standard and the EU’s Code of Conduct, version 5, tier 1 standard with no-load power consumption less than 100mW. As a PrimAccurate™ controller, which use primary-side control algorithms, the iW1707 does not need any direct secondary-side feedback components, eliminating the need for optocouplers, reducing component count and solution cost.  Additional features include Dialog's proprietary EZ-EMI™ technology, quasi-resonant control for optimal efficiency at heavy loads, cable and connector voltage drop compensation options, full protection from fault conditions and tiny packaging.

Lifecycle status

● Active


Adaptively Controlled Soft Start-up - Fast Yet Smooth Start-up Into Large Capacitive Loads

  • Active Start-Up Circuit to Reduce Turn-on Time without Increasing No-Load Power

Intrinsically Low Noise Solution - No Audible Noise Over Entire Operating Range

Active Start-Up Circuit to Reduce Turn-on Time

72kHz PWM Switching Frequency

Meets DoE External Power Supply and EU Code of Conduct, Version 5, Tier 1 Standards

  • Less than 100mW No-Load Power Consumption

Voltage Offset Compensation for Voltage Loss in Cables and Connectors (3 Options)

PrimAccurate™ - Primary-Side Control, No Opto-Coupler Needed

Quasi-resonant Control for Optimal Efficiency

EZ-EMI® Design to Easily Meet Global EMI Specifications

Fast Dynamic Load Regulation

Fully Protected from Fault Conditions

  • Over-Temperature Protection
  • Output Over-Voltage and Over-Current
  • Input Undervoltage Protection
  • Sense-Resistor Short Circuit Protection


Networking Power Supplies

ADSL Modems

Wireless Access Points

Block Diagrams


Typical Applications Diagram


Functional Block Diagram

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