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45W Digital AC/DC PWM Controller with Configurable Light Load Operation Mode Optimized for 9V+ Applications


< 75mW No-Load Power with Fast DLR

The iW1702 is a digital offline controller for AC/DC power supplies up to 45W optimized for 9V or greater output voltages. The part uses Dialog’s PrimAccurate™ primary-side control technology, eliminating the need for an optical isolation device on the secondary, reducing component count and cost.

For highest power density power supplies, the iW1702 can be paired with Dialog’s iW676 digital synchronous rectifier controller, which drives a power MOSFET on the secondary of the power supply to replace the main rectifying diode.

The iW1702 integrates a unique light load operation mode that allows the user to configure the minimum switching frequency at light load through an external resistor. The higher the light load mode switching frequency, the better the dynamic load response (DLR). If the lowest switching frequency is chosen, the no-load power consumption is reduced, negatively impacting the DLR performance. In this case, the iW676 offers integrated active voltage position (AVP) control options that can be used for faster DLR while keeping the no-load power consumption < 75mW.

A full array of protection features are integrated, including SmartDefender™ advanced hiccup technology to protect against soft shorts in cables and connectors.

A DiaSIM™ simulation model (32-bit NL5 version only) is available for the iW1702. For more information and where to download, please visit the DiaSIM™ page.

Lifecycle status

● Active


45W Maximum Output Power

iW1702-0X/3X Options:

  • External Supplemental Output Over-Voltage Protection, Optimized for 9V+ Output Voltages

iW1702-1X Options:

  • External Input Over-Voltage Protection, Supports 5V+ Output Voltages

Programmable Light Load Mode to Optimize No-Load Power Consumption and DLR

  • < 75mW No-Load Power Consumption

Compliant with DoE Level VI and EU’s CoC, Version 5, Tier 2 External Power Supply Standards

PrimAccurate Primary-Side Regulation Technology

  • Eliminates the Need for Optocoupler

SmartDefender Advanced Hiccup Technology

  • Protects from Soft Shorts In Cables and Connectors

Additional Protection Features

  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Output Over Current Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection


Universal Input Power Supplies up to 45W

Network Devices up to 45W

     Model Available!

Block Diagrams


Typical Application Diagram


Functional Block Diagram

DiaSIM logo

Dialog’s DiaSIM simulation models and tools enable simulation and validation of AC/DC power supplies using highly accurate models for selected products. All models and application circuits are available for download from the support website.

Important note: Dialog's DiaSIM models are only compatible with the 32-bit version of NL5.


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Important note: Dialog's DiaSIM models are only compatible with the 32-bit version of NL5.

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DiaSIM Simulation Tools
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