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PRIME and SMACD 2018

PRIME and SMACD 2018

S3 Semiconductors attended PRIME and SMACD this year.  PRIME is in its 14th year as the key Conference on Ph.D. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics and SMACD in its 15th year is the International Conference on Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Methods and Applications to Circuit Design. Both were co-chaired and co-located in Prague, Czech Republic, at the FNSPE, Czech Technical University in Prague, from July 2nd to 5th 2018.

Over the years, PRIME has been established as a relevant conference where Ph.D. students can present and discuss their initial works and research in different fields of electronics such as Micro and Nano-electronics, Analog and Digital Signal Processing and IC Design. SMACD is a conference with a wide spectrum, focusing design methods and tools for Analog, Mixed-signal and RF integrated circuits and systems.

In this edition, a great company fair also took place, and S3 Semiconductors were delighted to attend. As well as the network promotion between academia and industry being developed, intensifying the contact between Ph.D. students and companies, the industry experts also shared their opinions, making relevant and interesting questions during sessions.

Ana Correia, a Ph.D. student at S3 Semiconductors presented her paper entitled ‘A High-resolution ∆-Modulator ADC with Oversampling and Noise-shaping for IoT’ in the data converters session. Despite the similarity with hybrid SAR ADC’s, employing oversampling and noise-shaping, the proposed conversion algorithm is based on (adaptive) delta-modulation. The conference was very interesting because as well as the regular sessions on analog circuits and data converters, different aspects, extremely important for IC and ASICs design, such as aging, reliability, variability in deep nanoscale technologies, were also discussed.