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Empatica’s Embrace smart watch uses Adesto’s DataFlash memory for highly efficient data-logging and resource offloading

Award-winning watch uses machine learning for medical monitoring

SANTA CLARA, CA – March 8, 2018 – Adesto Technologies (NASDAQ: IOTS), a leading provider of application-specific, ultra-low-power non-volatile memory (NVM) products, announced that Empatica Inc. uses its DataFlash memory to provide efficient data-logging and resource off-loading in its award-winning Embrace smart watch. Embrace uses advanced machine learning to monitor and manage epilepsy, and it recently received first of a kind FDA approval for this type of wearable medical device.

“Embrace represents a new paradigm in medical monitoring devices, adding the element of beautiful design to cutting-edge technology, and resulting in a highly effective smart watch that users really enjoy wearing,” said Ivan Cenci, head of production, Empatica. “We selected Adesto’s DataFlash memory because it is uniquely tailored to our application in terms of features, power consumption, package size, quality and reliability.”

The Embrace device provides critical first responder alerts in the event of a seizure, and also continuously monitors and logs a patient’s biometrics for analysis and improved epilepsy management. The granular page erase / page write capability in DataFlash allows Embrace to frequently write small amounts of data to its log. Wide VCC and ultra-deep low-power modes mean DataFlash is able to do this with extremely low power consumption to maximize the watch’s battery life. In addition, the miniaturized package and mechanical profile of DataFlash are optimized for wearable devices, and its high quality and reliability make it a great fit for critical applications such as medical monitoring.

Embrace also makes use of DataFlash’s high-performance architecture and dual SRAM buffers to enhance system performance. Within the system, one of the DataFlash SRAM buffers is used to provide additional serial SRAM, off-loading resources and freeing up more space for critical software stack memory within the MCU’s embedded SRAM.

“For products like smart watches and other battery operated IoT devices, memory technology is no longer all about cost. Product developers need to consider how a memory device can impact their system performance and overall product design,” said Paul Hill, Adesto’s senior product marketing director. “Adesto’s application-specific products really make a difference in our customers’ designs, and it’s gratifying to be able to bring these unique capabilities to bear in a product like Embrace, which is designed to improve peoples’ lives.”

About Adesto Technologies

Adesto Technologies (NASDAQ:IOTS) is a leading provider of application-specific, ultra-low power non-volatile memory products. The company has designed and built a portfolio of innovative products with intelligent features to conserve energy and enhance performance including Fusion Serial Flash, DataFlash® and products based on Conductive Bridging RAM (CBRAM®) technology. CBRAM® is a breakthrough technology platform that enables 100 times less energy consumption than today’s memory technologies without sacrificing speed and performance. Adesto is focused on delivering differentiated solutions and helping its customers usher in the era of the Internet of Things.

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