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Dialog Semiconductor’s FusionHD™ NOR Flash Memory Compatible and Qualified with its SmartBond™ Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless MCUs


Unique Combination Delivers Ultra-Low-Power, High-Performance Operation for
a Wide Range of Industrial IoT Edge Devices from a Single Supplier

London, United Kingdom – August 12, 2020 – Dialog Semiconductor plc (XETRA:DLG),a leading provider of battery management, AC/DC power conversion, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® low energy, and Industrial ICs, announced that its FusionHD™ NOR flash memories, which came to Dialog through its recent acquisition of Adesto Technologies, are fully compatible and qualified for use with Dialog’s SmartBond™ DA1469x family of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) microcontrollers (MCUs). With the combined solution, customers can deploy the latest Bluetooth low energy technology while keeping power consumption to an absolute minimum in a wide range of industrial and connected consumer applications.

“FusionHD non-volatile memory devices are designed to extend a system’s battery life without sacrificing power or performance and features an incredible low power 7nA sleep mode making it ideal for our DA1469x family of wireless MCUs in IoT and industrial products,” said Raphael Mehrbians, VP of Industrial Business at Dialog. “Making this announcement following closely on the completion of the Adesto acquisition, demonstrates the great synergy between our wireless connectivity portfolio and our new NOR flash memories and is a perfect example of how with the addition of Flash memory to Dialog’s portfolio we now have the unique ability to provide a more competitive and differentiated solution to our customers.”

The SmartBond DA1469x family represents Dialog’s most advanced, feature-rich range of multi-core MCUs for wireless connectivity. The devices support complex applications while assuring extremely low power consumption, and boast powerful features including a Sensor Node Controller (SNC), advanced power management unit, software programmable protocol engine, advanced multi-level security, and a high level of integration for savings on bill of materials and PCB area. The DA1469x devices provide the processing power, resources, range and battery life needed for today’s IoT products, while also enabling developers to push the boundaries for future generations.

FusionHD supports the code storage and data logging demands of feature-rich wearables, hearables, sensor edge devices and industrial IoT systems. The devices are ideal for Bluetooth low energy enabled IoT applications, delivering fast data transfer, security features, robust high-reliability operation, over-the-air updates and power consumption that is up to 70% lower than comparable serial flash products. FusionHD also delivers high-performance QSPI operation with continuous read XiP capability that allows direct code execution from the host DA1469x MCUs.

About FusionHD

The FusionHD product line supports the code storage and data logging demands of a wide range of next-generation consumer and industrial IoT edge devices. Unlike standard flash devices, FusionHD incorporates a Small Page Erase and Write Architecture with flexible buffer technology that makes saving small packets of data quick and efficient. It also allows large data packets to be saved and accessed using minimal CPU clock cycles, reducing processing time and battery consumption.

FusionHD can bring system-level advantages to long-life industrial IoT devices such as sensors, meters and monitors. The extended battery life and wide operating voltage range offered by FusionHD help to prolong the active lifetime of these devices, which are often in remote or inaccessible locations. Designed and tested to Dialog’s high reliability standards, FusionHD offers increased robustness over other devices – a benefit when repair and maintenance aren’t possible for extended periods.


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