Dialog Semiconductor Launches Industry-First OpenThread Sandbox Development Platform

Press Release

Dialog Semiconductor Launches Industry-First OpenThread Sandbox Development Platform

Provides Thread ecosystem developers with plug-and-play hardware and OpenThread software released by Nest, enabling development for the connected home

London, United Kingdom June 21, 2016Dialog Semiconductor plc (FWB:DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, AC/DC power conversion, solid state lighting (SSL) and Bluetooth® low energy technology, today announced a complete hardware and software development platform for OpenThread, an open source implementation of the Thread networking protocol released by Nest. The initial version of OpenThread is being distributed by Nest on Github. Dialog’s OpenThread Sandbox Development platform has all the components required for evaluation and development work, consisting of a hardware board, a SmartSnippets™ software development kit (SDK), software tooling and documentation.

Since October 2014, more than 230 members have joined Thread (including Dialog Semiconductor) and more than 30 products have been submitted and are awaiting certification. Thread is designed as a protocol for connecting and controlling products in smart homes. Thread’s approach to wireless networking offers numerous technological advantages, including a secure and reliable mesh network with no single point of failure, simple connectivity and low power. Thread networks are easy to set up and secure to use with banking-class encryption to close security holes that exist in other wireless protocols.

The OpenThread Sandbox Development Platform comprises a hardware development board based on Dialog’s SmartBond™ System-on-Chip (SoC) family. The OpenThread Sandbox Development Platform is intended for engineers who like to get early access to hardware and software tools and be first to get their hands on advanced technology. Additionally, it provides an ideal environment to contribute to OpenThread software development.

“By launching the OpenThread Sandbox Development Platform, Dialog is making key contributions to OpenThread. We’re delighted to support one of the major smart home players in their initiative to accelerate the development of connected home products,” said Sean McGrath, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Connectivity, Automotive and Industrial Business Unit. “By adding Thread capability to our Bluetooth low energy and DECT ULE connectivity portfolio, Dialog has created a unique combination of connectivity solutions for IoT and smart home applications.”

Dialog’s OpenThread Sandbox Development Platform is available today from Digi-Key and Mouser. Learn more about Dialog’s OpenThread Sandbox Development Kit at www.dialog-semiconductor.com/openthread-sandbox-development-kit.