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Power Switching

Power Switching

Innovative Design Process Enables Highest Performance Integrated Power Switches

Using a proprietary CuFET™ technique and proprietary MOSFET design, Dialog delivers an elite family of integrated power switches that achieve world class RDSON and highest current carrying capability per square mm.

The 2.5 V - 5.5 V GFET™3 family and the 4.5 V - 24 V HFET™1 family offer ultra-stable RDSON across a wide input/supply range while also integrating a comprehensive suite of protection features. In 3 years, Dialog has shipped over 1 billion integrated power switches to customers who value exceptional performance and reliability.

GreenFET™ 3 2.5 V - 5 V Integrated Power Switch

  • Ultra-small package sizes 1 mm² to 4 mm²
  • Ultra-low RDSON FET structures
    • nFETs: Singles as low as 4 mΩ; back-to-back reverse current block as low as 15 mΩ
    • pFETs: Single/duals as low as 23 mΩ
  • High steady-state FET Currents: 1 A to 9 A
  • Generates very low parasitic thermal gradients
  • Built-in system-level protection circuits
  • 125°C-Rated operation (Selected Part Numbers)
  • Very fast TTM to customer requests/feedback/revisions

HFET 1 4.5 V - 24 V Integrated Power Switch

  • Ultra-stable 13.3 mΩ RDSON across wide input/supply voltage range and temperature
  • 4.8 mm² footprint
  • Low thermal resistance for high current operation
  • 125°C-Rated operation (Selected Part Numbers)
  • Compared with FETs currently used in high-voltage applications, HFET integrates high-performance nFET structures, charge pumps, multiple protection and control circuits into feature rich single channel products


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