DA9061/2 and i.MX 7 systems

DA9061/2 and i.MX 7 systems

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The NXP® i.MX 7Solo™ processor requires dedicated power management for a stable and reliable system. The Dialog DA9061 and DA9062 PMICs provide a convenient and flexible solution that meets the processor power requirements. Although system power consumptions vary due to the differing demands of peripherals, processor, and so on, the DA9061 has sufficient headroom to meet the power requirements of most i.MX 7S systems. The features of DA9061 enable significant power saving, such as dynamic voltage control (DVC) which intelligently manages voltage changes. The DA9061/2 significantly reduces system cost and size compared to an equivalent discrete solution.

Dialog DA9062 / i.MX 7Solo Demonstration Kit

The kit demonstrates the DA9062 powering an i.MX 7Solo system, and is based on the NXP 'WaRP7 IoT and Wearable Development Platform'. When combined with NXP’s own WaRP7 collateral, this demonstration kit shortens time-to-market by providing a complete solution, presented as a very small form factor but also offering the flexibility of a  traditional development tool. The kit comprises two boards and an LCD touch-screen. The Dialog DA9062 CPU Board carries the i.MX 7Solo SoC, featuring ARM® Cortex®-A7 and ARM® Cortex®-M4 cores. This architecture supports the low-power modes needed by most designs, yet also provides the power to drive a high level operating system and a rich user interface. The second board is an ‘IO Board’ that includes extensive connectivity including WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and other hardware features such as sensors and 12 GB of memory, all powered by the Dialog DA9062 power management IC.

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