Power Solutions for NXP® i.MX Application Processor Family

Power Solutions for NXP® i.MX Application Processor Family

Optimal Hardware Scalability and Flexibility to Support the i.MX Application Processor Family

The i.MX feature and performance-scalable multicore platform is complemented by the programmable architecture of Dialog power management ICs, providing the system developer with flexibility throughout the design cycle.

The NXP i.MX series of multimedia processors is based on the ARM® Cortex™ architecture with single-, dual-, and quad-core options. These require a dedicated power management solution for stability and reliability. The power requirements are dependent not only on the processor core option but also the application complexity, such as the number of peripherals and the software demand on the i.MX cores.

The DA9063 is a highly integrated PMIC that is well-suited to high-end i.MX systems. Its regulators are readily configurable to support differing system requirements, and includes features such as Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) and multiple power domain support. Such features often save significantly on power. As a result of high integration, DA9063 is more cost effective and compact than similar discrete solutions.
DA9061DA9062 and DA9063L share the same architecture as DA9063 and are suited to i.MX 6 systems that either require less power or fewer voltage rails, and are therefore well suited to 6DualLite™ and 6Solo™ systems. Where a system requires a main battery charger, white LED boost convertor, or resistive touch screen interface, the DA9053 system PMIC integrates support for these features.
System developers benefit from adopting Dialog power management solutions because:
  • Off-the-shelf standard devices can often be used with many of the i.MX series of processors
  • There is supporting collateral in the form of reference design packages
  • Further PMIC configuration is readily achieved using I2C writes or by creating a custom OTP variant
Dialog has standard variant parts to support the i.MX 6 consumer, industrial, and automotive markets.

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