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5 Programmable Mixed-Signal Webinar

In this webinar, we're going to cover how the following circuits can be realized quickly and effectively with Analog PAK and the GreenPAK Designer tool.

What is Analog PAK? Analog PAK (SLG47004V) combines the traditional flexibility of our programmable mixed-signal GreenPAK solution with three Op Amps, two 1024-position digital rheostats, two analog switches and an analog temperature sensor into a 3 mm x 3mm STQFN package. It features multiple-time programmable memory that allows the user to program the SLG47004V in-system using I2C.

  • Differential Current Sense Amplifier;
  • Wheatstone Bridge Sensor Analog Front End;
  • Tunable Low Pass Filters;
  • Over Temperature Protection;
  • Programmable Gain Amplifier.
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5 Configurable Mixed-Signal Webinar

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GreenPAK Configurable Mixed-signal IC Introduction

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GreenPAK Designer Software

Name Date Version
SLG47004 Datasheet (13.08 MB) 12/10/2021 2.5
Name Date Version
SLG47004 Errata (309.19 KB) 12/02/2021 1.1
Name Date Version
GreenPAK™ Brochure (4.42 MB)
User guides and manuals
Name Date Version
GreenPAK Cookbook (18.35 MB) 01/01/2021 1.0
SLG47004 In-System Programming Guide (606.42 KB) 09/11/2020 1.0
SLG47004V DIP Proto Board Quick Start Guide (721.39 KB)
Name Date Version
5 Configurable Mixed-Signal Webinar Presentation (1.87 MB) (Registered users only)

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