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Enabling a year+ battery life in Smart Locks with DA16200 (Chinese)

The IoT Wi-Fi Family Webinar is scheduled to hold its second session on March 2.


Through this opportunity, we will be able to talk about smart locks with ultra-low power Wi-Fi products.


In this session, our experts will discuss the vision of smart door locks and the main barriers to adoption of smart door locks with Wi-Fi. In addition, Dialog's ultra-low-power Wi-Fi technology will suggest how it can solve some of these problems.


This webinar describes the following:



- Why is the smart door lock not yet smart?


- How can ultra-low power Wi-Fi simplify smart door locks?


- Enabling a year+ battery life in Smart Locks with DA16200

- 在智能锁中,DA16200如何实现一年以上的电池寿命

- Introduce applications and their solutions with the DA16200

- DA16200应用介绍及其解决方案

- DA16200 and beyond the future


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