DA14583 IoT Sensor Development Kit

DA14583 IoT Sensor

Development Kit (Discontinued)

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Accelerate your IoT development with the DA14583 IoT Sensor Development Kit

The SmartBond™ IoT Sensor Development Kit makes developing motion and environmental sensing applications easy. Merging cutting-edge Bluetooth® low energy hardware, sensors and sensor fusion software, it enables the world’s lowest power 12 Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF) wireless sensor module. Highly integrated, it cuts system size and cost and includes all essential hardware and software to speed creation of advanced IoT devices.

This complete development platform developed by Dialog on the basis of Bosch Sensortec sensors, combines Bluetooth wireless communications and an ARM Cortex-M0 processor with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and environmental sensors. All this on a board measuring just 16 x 15 mm.

It also includes SmartFusion™, Dialog’s unique software library for data acquisition, calibration and motion vector generation. Ideal for resource-constrained systems, it minimizes memory, processing requirements and power consumption.


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Features and Benefits

  • 12-DOF wireless sensor module development platform
    • DA14583 low-power Bluetooth low energy SoC
    • BMI160 6-axis inertial measurement unit
    • BMM150 3-axis geomagnetic field sensor
    • BME280 integrated environmental unit (pressure, temperature and humidity)
  • Settings: 12.5 Hz Acc; 25 Hz Gyro, 10 Hz Magneto, 0.5 Hz Environmental (pressure, temperature, humidity)
  • Connected : < 1.3 mA; Advertising: < 110 uA; Power save: < 11 uA
  • Resource requirements for sensor fusion and auto-calibration:
    • Processor load: 0.5 MIPS on Cortex M0 for combined magnetometer auto-calibration + 9 DOF sensor fusion (gyroscope and accelerometer at 100 Hz and magnetometer at 10 Hz)
  • Memory footprint:
    • 4.5 kB ROM code
    • 0.5 kB RAM


  • Stream fused quaternion orientation and/or sensor datavia Bluetooth low energy interface
  • User interface: IoT Sensors app (Android and iOS) that allows visualisation of sensor, orientation data and configuration
  • Performance for sensor fusion and streaming
  • Smart sensor fusion software including auto-calibration
  • Lowest power consumption for a 12-DOF wireless sensor
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Reduced development effort and resources
  • Ideal for resource-constrained applications
  • Smaller-sized end products


  • Wearables
  • Immersive gaming
  • Augmented reality
  • 3D indoor mapping / navigation
  • Weather stations
  • And other IoT sensor based applications
Board Size
16 x 15 x 5 mm


Product Briefs and Summaries
Date Version
SmartBond™ DA14583 IoT Sensor Development Kit Product Brief 01/03/2016 1.0
SmartBond™ DA14583 物聯網(IoT)感測器開發套件 01/01/2016 1.0
SmartBond™ DA14583 物聯網(IoT)感測器開發套件 01/01/2016 1.0
SmartBond™ DA14583 IoTセンサー開発キット 01/01/2016 1.0
Layout Guides
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Schematic of the DA14583 IoT sensor designkit (Registered users only) 08/03/2016 1.0
Software drivers
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IoT Sensors Kit Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 03/10/2019 3.250.14
Software Resources
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DA14583 IoT Sensor Firmware (Registered users only) 08/03/2016 1.0
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User guides and manuals
Date Version
UM-B-063 User Manual DA14583 IoT sensor development kit (Registered users only) 01/11/2016 1.3
UM-B-065 Bluetooth Smart Communication Interface Board 31/10/2016 1.0
UM-B-064 DA14583 IoT sensor hardware reference application 10/03/2016 1.0
White Papers & Technical Articles
Date Version
White paper_Capacitive Touch Solutions for wearable applications 11/04/2017 1.0

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