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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Dialog’s shares traded?
Dialog Semiconductor is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB: DLG) and is a member of the TecDax index.

What are the trading symbol and the registration number?
FWB: DLG ; ISIN GB0059822006.

How do I buy/sell my shares?
Dialog cannot help you buy or sell your shares. You will need to find an independent financial advisor, bank or broker to help you with your transaction.

What types of shares can be traded?
Dialog shares are listed as ordinary shares. Dialog does not have any shares in issue which have multiple voting rights, preferential voting rights or maximum voting rights.

How do I notify you of a change of address?
Please inform your broker or bank of any address changes and they will report it to the Link Market Services (Frankfurt) Gmbh. You may also notify of any changes to Link Market Services (Frankfurt) GmbH, Postfach/P.O. Box 1207, 65742 Eschborn, Germany;

What can I do if I’ve misplaced my share certificates?
Please contact your financial advisor, broker or bank.

What can I do in an event of a shareholder’s death?
Please contact your financial advisor, broker or bank.

When was Dialog’s initial public offering and what was the offer price?
Dialog’s IPO was in 1999 and the offer price was €19.

When is your financial year end?
31 December.

When and where will the annual meeting be held?
Details of the next AGM will be published near the date in the Financial Calendar and the Annual General Meeting section of our website. 

Who do I contact if I have any questions around the upcoming AGM, such as registration, voting, etc…?
Please contact Art-of-Conference, Attn. Martina Zawadzki, Boeblinger Str. 26, 70178 Stuttgart, email:

Shareholder Services and Company Registrar: Link Market Services (Frankfurt) GmbH, Mergenthalerallee 15-21, 65760 Eschborn,

When is your next results announcement?
All details of forthcoming financial results can be found in our financial calendar

How can I get a copy of your Annual and quarterly reports?
Soft copies of our annual and interim reports are published on our website and are available for download

Who are your independent auditors?

What’s your dividend policy?
Dialog’s Board of Directors is committed to reinvesting all profits into laying the framework for future growth and continues to believe that, in line with the strategic changes under way, this policy is by now in the best interest of all its shareholders.

Do you have any other questions not listed here?
Please send us your question:


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Jose Cano

Head of Investor Relations

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Public Relations Contact

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Public Relations Contact

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FTI Consulting – London

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FTI Consulting – Frankfurt

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