Up-down Sequencer with ACMPs

Up-down Sequencer with ACMPs

Timing Functions Technique

Power sequencers are used to power up and shut down external devices with specified time intervals in between steps. They can be used when multiple semiconductor devices with different power supply voltages are together on one board, or when multiple pieces of equipment are connected.


Necessary Components

  • Any GreenPAK
  • Six resistors

GreenPAK Diagram


Design Steps

  1. Configure input pins for the EN and voltage monitoring.
  2. Configure output pins to sequence system.
  3. Power on ACMPs, connecting POR to PWR UP and configure the IN- source of each with the desired voltage threshold levels.
  4. Configure DLYs with the desired delay times.
  5. Configure LUTs with the proper logic functions.



GreenPAK Designer files