System Reset

System Reset

Timing Functions Application

System Reset ICs are used to provide a reset to a microprocessor during faults, manual resets, brown-outs and more.



  • Any GreenPAK
  • No other components are needed

GreenPAK Diagram

Design Steps

  1. Configure an I/O as an input for each input signal.
  2. Add LUT logic to create a HI signal when any of the lines are active. The logic is dependent on whether each signal is active-hi or active-low.
  3. Configure a CNT/DLY block to One shot mode, with Edge select configured to Rising. Set the Counter data to create the desired length of pulse. For an active-low pulse change the Output polarity to Inverted (nOUT).
  4. Connect the CNT/DLY block’s output to an output pin.


GreenPAK Designer files