RGB LED Breathing with I2C Control

RGB LED Breathing with I2C Control

Pulse-based Control Application

The GreenPAK can be configured to control an RGB breathing LED controlled via I2C. Changing the CNT0 counter data changes the breathing period.


Necessary Components

GreenPAK Diagram

Design Steps

1. Create a soft ON circuit as shown in Technique: Creating LED breathing but instead set the counter data for CNT1 and CNT2 to the same value.

2. Add MF0 which adds a small offset between CNT1 and CNT2.   

3. Configure LUT3-LUT5 as a multiplexer switched by the EN signal controlled via I2C.

4. Configure LUT0-LUT2 as a demultiplexer which passes the breathing signal according to the timing diagram in Figure A.



GreenPAK Designer files