RGB LED Breathing

RGB LED Breathing

Pulse-based Control Application

RGB LEDs can be used to add more complexity to LED indication systems and be controlled with a GreenPAK. They can also be paired with a soft ON/OFF circuit for a breathing pattern aesthetic, and/or with an I2C-compatible part for additional functionality.



  • Any GreenPAK
  • One RGB LED
  • Three resistors

GreenPAK Diagram

Design Steps

  1. Configure GPIO pins as open drain NMOS outputs.
  2. Create soft ON/OFF circuit as shown in Technique: LED Breathing.
  3. Configure Ripple Counter - set Functionality mode to Range: SV-EV cycles (SV=1, EV=3).
  4. Configure LUTs collectively as a demultiplexer.
  5. Add enable (EN) signal to start/stop RGB breathing.


GreenPAK Designer files