N-Length Bitstream

N-Length Bitstream

Signal Conditioning Application

A bitstream is a sequence of bits transmitted continuously over a communications path. The GreenPAK is capable of creating a repeating string of up to 64 bits.




Necessary Components

  • Any GreenPAK with an ASM



GreenPAK Diagram

Design Steps

  1. Configure a generator and 8-bit Multiplexer using Technique: Multiplexing a bitstream.
  2. Configure CNT1 to determine the length of the bitstream.
  3. Configure the ASM using Technique: Creating a synchronous state machine from an ASM.
  4. Connect the outputs of the 8-bit multiplexer and generator to the desired output PINs.
  5. The length of the bitstream (counter data of CNT1) can be changed using I2C.
  6. The DATA stored in the ASM output RAM can be changed using I2C.


GreenPAK Designer files