Constant Current LED Driver

Constant Current LED Driver

Pulse-based Control Application

LED drivers provide and regulate the current to LEDs. They keep the power at safe levels to prevent burnout/thermal runaway.



  • Any GreenPAK
  • Four capacitors
  • Four diodes (2 LEDs, 2 silicon diodes)
  • Two resistors

GreenPAK Diagram

Design Steps

  1. Configure two ACMPs, each with their IN- source set to the desired threshold.
  2. Configure LUTs to enable the LED outputs.
  3. Connect LED1_1 and LED1_2 to the anode of a silicon diode and connect the cathode of the silicon diode to the anode of an LED.
  4. Connect a resistor between the cathode of the LED and ground.
  5. Connect a capacitor between the anode of the LED and ground.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the LED2 outputs
  7. Connect V_SENSE1 and V_SENSE2 to the cathode of LED1 and LED2 respectively.


GreenPAK Designer files