Changing Your Design with I2C

Changing Your Design with I2C

Communication Protocols Technique

Many of the techniques and applications available in this section rely upon a GreenPAK’s I2C capability. To learn about I2C within a GreenPAK please consult the chip’s Datasheet.

This technique can be used in any I2C compatible device.

If a GreenPAK device is I2C compatible its behavior can be edited even after it has been programmed. However, a device must be MTP-compatible and undergo In-System Programming [ISP] to retain design changes after it has lost power. This technique outlines a fast way to determine which I2C commands need to be performed to change a design.

1. Complete your initial design. This is the design the IC will use whenever it’s booted up.

2. In GreenPAK Designer, select the I2C Tools Button to open the I2C Reconfigurator.

Figure 18 I2C Tools Button

3. In the I2C Reconfigurator select the snapshot button (in red), or press SHIFT+A. This will take an I2C command list “snapshot” of your current design.

Figure 19 I2C Reconfigurator

Figure 20 Snapshot Diffs

4. Change your design to the next configuration.

5. Take a snapshot using the method in step 3 to create the second snapshot.

6. Click the Snapshot Diffs button (in green). This will show the I2C commands necessary to create this design. It is not necessary to program these, since they are instantiated on the boot-up of the GreenPAK.

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