7-segment Display Using I2C

7-segment Display Using I2C

Communication Protocols Application

A 7-segment indicator is a common numerical display. The GreenPAK asynchronous state machine and I2C can be used to provide directions to the segments as to which number should be displayed. The provided example is compatible with a 4-digit, 4 decimal display.



GreenPAK Diagram

Design Steps

  1. Configure GPIO pins as output and connect them to the ASM output.
  2. Add shift register using Technique: Building a Shift Register.
  3. Create a logic generator using the PGEN block, corresponding the required number of digits.
  4. Add and configure Asynchronous State Machine (ASM) to match the initial digital sequence.
  5. Update one or more digits to an ASM state via I2C.


GreenPAK Designer files