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GreenPAK Application Notes


Application Notes

Dialog provides a complete library of application notes featuring design examples as well as explanations of features and blocks within the Dialog IC. Each design example comes with a GreenPAK software file (.gp) that allows the user to easily view, modify, and prototype the proposed IC.

  • Download our free GreenPAK Designer software to open the .gp files and view the proposed circuit design
  • Use the GreenPAK Development Kit to freeze the design into your own customized IC in a matter of minutes

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Download Free GreenPAK Designer Software

Title Design file Description Products Keywords
This application note describes how to shift the frequency of a PWM signal without changing the duty cycle SLG46140, SLG46620, SLG46620-A GreenPAK, SLG46140, PWM, Pulse Width Modulation, Pulse, Width, Modulation, Frequency, Frequency Converter, SPI, Serial, Parallel, Interface, Serial Parallel Interface, DCMP, Digital Comparator, Digital, Comparator, FSM, Finite State Machine, Finite, State, Machine
This application note demonstrates the implementation of a single-phase inverter using different control methodologies SLG46621 Single-phase Inverter, Power Electronic Applications, Square Techniques, Quasi Square Techniques
This application note focuses on using a GreenPAK SLG46531V CMIC device to regulate an active Solar Tracker SLG46531, SLG59H1005V GreenPAK, SLG46531, HFET, Solar Tracker, Solar, Tracker, Sun, Photoresistor, ASM, Buck, Buck Regulator, Regulator, Battery, Battery Charging, charging, charge, Charge Controller, Controller
This application note presents how to design a circuit for converting PWM signals to Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) signals using only a single GreenPAK CMIC SLG46120 PWM, Pulse Width Modulation, PPM, Pulse Position Modulation, RC Models
This application note describes how to design PWM with programmable limits using Dialog's GreenPAK IC SLG46533 PWM, Pulse Width Modulation, Programmable Limits PWM, Triangle Modulation
This application note details using the Dialog SLG46537 CMIC for several line code conversion examples SLG46537 Line Coding Converter, Serial Communication, Serial Data Communication, NRZ, Non Return to Zero, Manchester Encoding, AMI, Alternate Mark Inversion, Bipolar Return to Zero
This application note presents how to make a capacitive charge pump with a programmable, regulated output voltage using GreenPAK CMIC and a couple of low-cost external components SLG46533 Capacitive Charge Pump, Voltage Booster, Voltage Inverter, Voltage Doubler, Regulated Charge Pumps
This application note explains how to build a smart trash can that opens automatically when someone approaches and closes automatically when he/she moves away based on a GreenPAK CMIC SLG46140 Automatic Trash Can, Smart Trash Can, Garbage Can
This application note introduces the implementation of a load cell to indicate overweight SLG46140, SLG88104 Overweight Indicator, Weight Sensor
This application note describes how to implement the Identity and Magnitude comparator using the SLG46533V Dialog GreenPAK CMIC to construct both circuits SLG46533 Digital Comparator, Identity Comparator, Magnitude Comparator
This application note describes how to control a servo motor using a flex sensor, GreenPAK and OpAmp SLG88103, SLG46140 Flex Sensor, Servo Motor
This application note provides details of RPWM signal generation for driving three phase inverters using the SLG46620 CMIC SLG46620, SLG46620-A, Automotive GreenPAKs Configurable Mixed-signal ICs Random Pulse Width Modulation, PWM, Three-Phase Inverter
This application note describes how to create a low power static LCD driver using a Dialog GreenPAK IC SLG46537 LCD, Driver, Static LCD Driver
This application note presents the code of an Arduino-based programming solution for the SLG46824/6 SLG46824, SLG46826 Arduino, Program, Programming, MTP, Multiple-time Programmable, I2C, NVM, Non-Volatile Memory, EEPROM
This application note introduces the key features of the SLG4658/2/3's low-dropout (LDO) regulator SLG46580, SLG46582, SLG46583 LDO, Low Dropout Regulator, High Power, Low Power, Power Switch, Slew Rate, Start-Up Ramping Slope, Discharge Resistor, Overcurrent Limiting, Short Circuit Detection, Undervoltage Lockout, UVLO, Temp Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Thermal Protection, Stability, PCB Layout
This application note introduces the behavior of the GreenPAK's Real-Time Counter (RTC) and outlines a couple common design applications in which the RTC provides added configurability to circuit designers SLG46580, SLG46582, SLG46583 RTC, Real-time Counter, Binary Counter, Shadow Buffer, Periodic Signals, Lengthy Timing Applications
The application note presents the design of a simple self-powered solar tracking sensor circuit based upon the Dialog Semiconductor operational amplifier SLG88103 Solar Tracking, Sensor, Operational Amplifier, OpAmp, Solar tracking Circuit
This application note demonstrates how to make a position and speed control of a DC motor SLG46621, SLG88104 Speed Control, DC Motor, Analog PID Controller, Rotary Encoder
Two methods are used to approach this application: the first uses the frequency detect blocks of the SLG46536V, the second method uses an RPM counter design SLG46536 Bike Speedometer, Magnetic Sensor, RPM Counter, Speed Measuring
Learn how to build a fully-featured 12 V PC fan PWM controller with Dialog GreenPAK™ configurable mixed-signal IC SLG46826, SLG46108 PWM, PC Fans, PWM Controller, PCB Design, Rotary Encoding


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