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GreenPAK Application Notes


Application Notes

Dialog provides a complete library of application notes featuring design examples as well as explanations of features and blocks within the Dialog IC. Each design example comes with a GreenPAK software file (.gp) that allows the user to easily view, modify, and prototype the proposed IC.

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Title Design file Description Products Keywords
This application note presents a low-cost AC-DC converter for low-power always connected applications SLG46110 Low Power, AC-DC, IoT, Smart Lighting
This application note describes how enabling and disabling the RC OSC current source to always be turned on in the SLG46140 chip affects the delay block functionality SLG46140 RC Oscillator, Delay, Current Source, Power Consumption, Start Up
This app note details the configuration of a 3-speed single-phase motor control circuit. It also covers the making of an IR decoder circuit compatible with the NEC protocol in order to control the motor remotely SLG46620 IR Decoder, Motor Control, Alternating Current Motors, AC Motors
This application note shows how to build bidirectional counters having different interface methods designed in GreenPAK SLG46140, SLG46620, SLG46533 Bidirectional Counter, FSM, GreenPAK, SPI, I2C, UP Down Counter, 16-bit FSM
This app note will explain how to build a bidirectional four-channel I2C bus multiplexer circuit and will also discuss how to use the circuit as a level shifter depending on SLG46826 IC SLG46826 GreenPAK, SLG46826V, I2C, I2C Bus Multiplexer, Multiplexer, Level Shifting, Level, Shift, Bidirectional Communication, Line Multiplexing, OE Pins, Multi-Master I2C, Open-drain NMOS, NMOS
This application note describes how to use GreenPAK for the full system of Maximum Power Point Tracker in Solar Systems SLG46621 Solar Systems, MPPT, Maximum Power Point Trackers
This application note illustrates the concept of propagation delay and how to estimate the propagation delay of different circuit blocks. It includes techniques that foster a more robust design implementation. SLG46826 Propagation delay, Propagation, Race condition, Race, Condition, Signal Race, SLG46826, GreenPAK, Estimated Delay
This application note describes how to control four 7-Segment LED displays using a GreenPAK IC. SLG46537, SLG46517, SLG46538, SLG46880, SLG46881 7-segment LED displays, 7 segment display, 7-Segment, LED, Arduino, GreenPAK, ASM, ASM RAM, I2C, 16-segment LED displays, 16-segment
This application note implements a max (or min) voltage finder among several analog inputs. It describes the functional logic, GreenPAK implementation and the obtained results. SLG46620, SLG46620-A SLG46620, Voltage, Min, Max, GreenPAK, Multiplex, Analog, ADC, SPI, Binary Counter, Binary, Counter
This application note describes how to create a model servo motor signal demultiplexer using a Dialog GreenPAK IC. This application note comes complete with design files which can be found in the References section. SLG46537 SLG46537, Servo Motor, Servo, Motor, Multiplexer, Multiplex, Pulse, ASM, Pulse Width Modulation, PWM, Demultiplexer, GreenPAK
This application note covers the creation of a low voltage low power overdrive pedal using a Dialog GreenPAK SLG88104V. SLG88104 Guitar pedal, Guitar, Pedal, Guitar amplifier, Amplifier, Guitar amp, Amp, Audio effects, SLG88104V, AA Battery, AA, Battery, Overdrive, Wave clipping, Wave, Clipping, Op-amp, Operation Amplifier, Operation
This application note illustrates the behavior of all operation modes of the 555 timer IC and shows the implementation details of the 555 timer internals, with all its operation modes, using the SLG46110V. SLG46110 GreenPAK, SLG46110V, 555 Timer, Timing, Bistable, Monostable, Astable, Multivibrator, One-Shot
This application note describes an SLG46140V design that implements a 16-bit up/down counter with quadrature encoder inputs. SLG46140 GreenPAK, SLG46140, Encoder, Quadrature Encoder, Rotary Encoder, Serial Peripheral Interface, SPI, Up/Down Counter, FSM, Daisy Chain, Daisy, Chain, Counter
This application note describes a simple hardware implementation of a 4-Mux LCD driver using time division multiplexing techniques along with system monitoring SLG46537 GreenPAK, LCD, Time Division Multiplexing, Multiplexing, I2C, System Monitoring Features-Hardware Reset, System, Monitoring, WatchDog, Timer, Watchdog Timer, RAM Storage, RAM, Storage
Many automotive manufacturers provide animated front and rear LED patterns in the indicator lights for aesthetics and as their trademark. SLG46620, SLG46620-A, Automotive GreenPAKs Configurable Mixed-signal ICs GreenPAK, SLG46620 LED Driver, Automotive, Indicator, Indicator Light, Light, LED, LED patterns, Turn Signal, Single Channel Driver, Multiple Channel Driver, Channel, FSM, Finite State Machine, Finite, ASM
This application note describes a simplified technique for directly converting a temperature sensor analog signal to digital frequency using GreenPAK. This application note comes complete with design files which can be found in the References section. SLG46108, SLG46620, SLG46620-A, Automotive GreenPAKs Configurable Mixed-signal ICs GreenPAK, SLG46108V, SLG46620V, Temperature sense, Temperature, Thermistor, Frequency modulation, NTC, Temperature to Frequency, Frequency
This application note describes how to control a RGB LED using an Android application via Bluetooth; this project demonstrates how to build an Android application and design the GreenPAK controller to make an integrated project. SLG46620, SLG46620-A GreenPAK, SLG46620, RGB, RGB LED, LED, Bluetooth, BLE, UART, Universal Asynchronous Receiver, Universal Asynchronous Transmitter, Universal, Asynchronous, Receiver, Transmitter, PWM, Pulse Width Modulation, Pulse, Width, Modulation, SPI, Serial Parallel Interface, Serial, Parallel, Interface, FSM, Finite, State, Machine, Finite State Machine
This application note describes how to shift the frequency of a PWM signal without changing the duty cycle SLG46140, SLG46620, SLG46620-A GreenPAK, SLG46140, PWM, Pulse Width Modulation, Pulse, Width, Modulation, Frequency, Frequency Converter, SPI, Serial, Parallel, Interface, Serial Parallel Interface, DCMP, Digital Comparator, Digital, Comparator, FSM, Finite State Machine, Finite, State, Machine
This application note demonstrates the implementation of a single-phase inverter using different control methodologies SLG46621 Single-phase Inverter, Power Electronic Applications, Square Techniques, Quasi Square Techniques
This application note focuses on using a GreenPAK SLG46531V CMIC device to regulate an active Solar Tracker SLG46531, SLG59H1005V GreenPAK, SLG46531, HFET, Solar Tracker, Solar, Tracker, Sun, Photoresistor, ASM, Buck, Buck Regulator, Regulator, Battery, Battery Charging, charging, charge, Charge Controller, Controller


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