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GreenPAK Application Notes

Renesas provides a complete library of application notes featuring design examples as well as explanations of features and blocks within the IC. Each design example comes with a GreenPAK software file (.gp) that allows the user to easily view, modify, and prototype the proposed IC.

  • Download our free GreenPAK Designer software to open the .gp files and view the proposed circuit design
  • Use the GreenPAK Development Kit to freeze the design into your own customized IC in a matter of minutes

If you do not find an application note in your area of interest, click Contact Us and we’ll connect you to an engineer who will be happy to assist.

You can also discuss, learn, ask questions, and share your feedback in our Online Support Community.

Download Free GreenPAK Designer Software

Title Design File Description Products Resource Keywords
AN-1091 How To Change a GreenPAK Comparator’s Threshold Voltage Using I2C This app note explains how to reconfigure the SLG46531’s registers via I2C. Specifically, it shows how to change the thresholds of the GreenPAK’s analog comparators to adjust the measurement window SLG46531 I2C, ACMP, Analog Comparator, Threshold
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