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start advertisement on demand


1 year ago

Posted by NadavG 0 points 1 reply


We are using a GATT protocol on our DA14580 BLE chip.

The default behaiveiour is that the advertisement of the device starts after the BLE firmware is loaded (via UART) to the RAM.

We want to change the advertisement timing, to be on demand by a message that will pass from our MCU to the BLE (via UART).

What should we change in the SDK's code, to make this change we want to work

1 year ago


Hi NadavG,

Thanks for your question. You can initiate the system in sleep mode instead of starting advertising. By default our SDK examples start advertising on start up. I would recommend checking the .default_operation_adv callaback function. In your case, you should set this callback into NULL and set the device into extended sleep mode upon initialization.  Then, you should wake up the device via wake-up controller and after that start advertising.

You can also check out the Codeless application design – the device can be controlled via simple AT commands over UART.

If you are starting a new design, we would strongly recommend to start with DA14531 or DA14585/586 products and our latest SDK6.0.14, as it is much more improved. We have a lot of code examples and improved documentation, and there is also software roadmap support. There is not any software roadmap support for DA14580 product family and SDK5.

Please check out DA14531:…

Additionally the DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Module is now released! Follow the link below to find datasheet, documentation and HW collaterals for the module:…

Moreover, Dialog Serial Port Service (DSPS) and CodeLess are now available for the DA14531!


The CodeLess allows you to quickly get started with wireless IoT applications with a set of AT Commands.  The CodeLess AT commands platform allows control over a local UART connected device as well as a remote device via BLE. You can create simple demos / applications / proof of concepts without any code development or build you own application on top!

Dialog Serial Port Service (DSPS)

The DSPS emulates a serial cable communication. It provides a simple substitute for RS-232 connections, including the familiar software flow control logic via Bluetooth low energy. The SPS software distribution includes the application and profile source codes and supports GAP Central/Peripheral roles.

Thanks, PM_Dialog