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Some Questions about SUOTA and OTP and Application


3 years ago

Posted by gert186 0 points 1 reply

I have to design a low Power appliction.
I would also like to use Over Air update program.
So I found out to use no external Storage for low power application.

First Question: is it possible to programm the OTP over Air oe how is the update programmed?
Which OTP Header Bits have to be set SUOTA and OTP boot?

I have Designed DA14580 boards and a Delevopment Pro Kit.

Which size could the Update over the aire program have? 32kB ? or smaller caused of the use of SUOTA?

Best regards

3 years ago

MT_dialog -30 points

Hi gert186,

In order to use the SUOTA profile and functionallity you need an external storage device, a flash or an externa EEPROM, you can't use the OTP for that, OTP stands from One Time Programmable and apart from that you also need the Vpp in order to program this kind of memory. So the answer to the first question is NO, you can't use SUOTA with OTP. I am not sure about the second part that you are asking, in order to boot from OTP you need to set the application flags to "Yes" in order for the bootloader to be aware that there is a fw in the OTP.

Regarding the size of the image, SUOTA doesn't impose any restriction to that, the limit is by the 580 and the available RAM space that the device has in order to run a fw that exceeds the 32K limit. The SUOTA procedure in order to be supported requires some profile and application implementation which means extra code, this code is also included in the 32K limit of the device.

Thanks MT_dialog