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Programming daughter board QFN40


3 years ago

Posted by gert186 0 points 1 reply

May I'm to stupid but how can I Program with the Development Kit Pro a daughter board with smart snippets? Is there any Tutorial or something to read?

Best regards

Also OTP Programming

OTP is to use for Programming without any EEPROM External or or?

3 years ago

MT_dialog -30 points

Hi gert186,

It depends on what memory you would like to program (the pro and the basic motherboard comes with an onboard SPI). The Smart Snippets tool implements different tools in order to burn an SPI or an I2C EEPROM or the OTP of the 580. You will be able to find the guidelines for using the tools in the User Manual of Smart Snippets (open the Smart Snippets and check the Help option on the top of the tool, select the User Guide). Please be aware that in order to program the on board SPI you will have to make the proper connections on the pro motherboard.

Thanks MT_dialog