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How much code size is reserved for application code?


1 year ago

Posted by hoho 0 points 1 reply

DA14585 as BLE slave, what' s the minimum code size consumed after run a minimum BLE example? For example based on Proximity Reporter, 25KB? Right?
1. If application code size is smaller than 64KB, the whole application code can be programmed to OTP during mass production.
2. Otherwise, it must add a external Flash to program code(64K-96K).
3. Besides, the total application code size must be smaller than 96K, because it's RAM size. Otherwise, code can't be loaded to run in RAM. Right?

My question is how much code size is reserved for my application code when use BLE slave? OTP or external Flash, which one should be used?Thanks.

1 year ago


Hi There,

Thanks for your question, but your question regarding the code size is little bit generic, as the total code depends on the application. You can build the prox_rporter example of the SDK and check how much is the code size. Please keep in mind that the code size will be decreased if you build the project for production. Regarding your questions :

  1. Yes – OTP can be burnt with the application code and the chip can boot from there. The OTP (header + image) is 64KB. Please keep in mind that OTP stands for One Time Programmable, thus you can’t erase and re-write the OTP multiple times.
  2. Yes – you also use an external SPI flash
  3. Yes -  according to booting sequence the application image is copied to System-RAM. The booter Remaps SysRAM to addr 0x00 and SW resets, and then the device boots. Please check BootROM Sequence from the datasheet.

Thanks, PM_Dialog