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Gateway reference implementation


1 year ago

Posted by ghisbo 0 points 2 replies

I want to implement the gateway and i come accross the following statement in the setup procedure (file:///C:/Users/ghisl/OneDrive/Bentrac/DA1469X/social_distancing_tag_V1_0_0/Documents/gateway.html?highlight=gateway)

  • " Create a new folder and pick a name of your choice. This will from now on be referred to as client_folder. "   OK,  up to here i can understand . 
  • " Copy the Gateway files inside it " ???  What are the gateway files, where are they located ? I do not find anything with this name..

thanks in advance 


Ghislain Borremans 

1 year ago

I found the Gateway files in the software development kit. The fact that it stood on my pc  made me loose track of it. 

Maybe a short reference in the guide  would prevent his searching. 

Issue can be closed.


1 year ago


Hi Ghislain,

Yes - this is corect the - all the Gateway file can be found in the WiRa SKK. If your have any other question on the WiRa application, please create a new forrum ticket.

Thanks, PM_Dialog