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DA1469x Getting Started Guide and dev_kit_demo on page 42


1 year ago

Posted by mtailor 0 points 1 reply

I am going through the DA1469x getting started guide and have reached section 9.6 on page 42.
It has a link "This Small SW example: DA1469x_dev_kit_demo" which does not work.
For completeness case I want to be able to restore the factory firmware so that I understand process.

Where can I find the source for that application?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you


1 year ago


 Hi mtailor,

Thanks for your feedback. Please visit the DA1469x product page and you will find the factory firmware under “Software Applications & Examples” section. For your convenience this is the download link : DA1469x Development Kit Factory Firmware

Thanks, PM_Dialog