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What is the application for GFET3 integrated power switches?

GFET3 devices can be used anywhere there is a requirement for switching power rails between 1.0 V and 5.0 V. They have very small physical size, very low standby current, and controlled voltage ramp rate.

How can I control the voltage ramp rate on GFET3 devices?

Most of the GFET3 devices have an adjustable voltage ramp rate. In some devices, this is set with an external capacitor, in other devices this is set with a resistor in series to the ON pin. There are a few members of the family that have fixed voltage ramp rate.

Does Dialog provide demo kit and evaluation kit for GFET?

Dialog provides demo board for evaluation. Please contact your local sale rep or send an online inquiry to get a demo board. Please specify the GFET part number you are planning to test.

What is MSL level and RoHS status on GFET?

The entire GFET family package is MSL level 1 and 6/6 RoHS compliance.