Voice Over DECT

Voice Over DECT

Delivering significant efficiency enhancements and improved battery life

Our wireless and voice IC solutions for worldwide DECT and 2.4 GHz radio frequency bands have broken barriers and brought the benefits of CMOS to RF applications.

Real-time wireless voice and data

Reliable, powerful and easy-to-use, our products deliver outstanding performance and flexibility so enabling you to create systems that really stand out from the crowd.

We works closely with industry bodies to define and implement new wireless standards and technologies. As a result, our solutions for real-time wireless voice and data applications ensure the earliest support for the improved and innovative features specified in these new releases.

Voice Over DECT Product Portfolio
Product Part Numbers Applications
SmartBeat™ DA14495 Intercom systems | Microphones | Headsets | Voice controlled speakers | Sensors
Radio Transceiver ICs LMX4281, LMX4181 Remote Metering | Energy Monitoring | Equipment Control | Home Care Monitoring | Security and Alarm Systems | Surveillance System | Climate Control | Internet Controlled Home Appliances
DECT / CAT-iq SC14481, SC14441, SC14443, SC14444, SC14241 Cordless Phones | Headsets | Baby Monitors | DECT / CAT-iq Headset
DECT / CAT-iq Headset SC14491 DECT / CAT-iq Headset | Cordless Phones | Headsets | Baby Monitors
Cordless Voice Module SC14CVMDECT Hosted or Embedded Cordless Intercom | Hosted or Embedded Cordless Baby Phone Monitor | Hosted Wireless Data Applications up to 1.6 Kbit/s | Set-Top Boxes | Routers and Wireless xDSL / Cable Modems | Industrial Control Systems


Dialog's short range wireless technology can be found at the heart of many of today's wireless applications. From crystal clear cordless telephony through to highly responsive gaming controllers and home automation.

Software Tools

Software tools are as critical to the embedded system performance as the actual hardware. To help speed up development and implementation, we offer a number of dedicated propriety tools.


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