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DA14583 Internal Flash memory

4 years ago

DA14583 Internal Flash memory

Posted by Karthikeyan S 0 points 3 replies

Dear Sir,
Can we Separate/Partition the flash memory as Data memory and Program memory . Is there any procedure to do because we want to store the configuration/parameter details without using External flash memory. Please let me know the procedure

Thank you,

4 years ago

MT_dialog -30 points

Hi Karthikeyan S,

You can place your data in a specific sector in the Flash that doesn't overlap with your code. There isn't any standard procedure for this, just declare a static address in your code where you know that the specific region will be data. There are reference design examples were data are stored in a specific area of the flash, please have a look at the beacon example were custom user data are located in the flash and the source code populates the advertising string from the flash.

Thanks MT_dialog

4 years ago

Karthikeyan S 0 points

Thank you

4 years ago

I am using DA14583. I have written application specific data in the Flash (From 0x16000 location onwards) using SmartSnippet tool.

In Development mode, I am able to read the Application Specific data from the Flash (i.e. Location 0x16000 onwards) correctly. But In production mode, I am getting all zeros from the Flash.
I am suspecting while the secondary boot loader code is reading the application image from Flash and executing, the flash seems to be busy. So, I getting all the application specific data as zeros.

Any configuration is required to resolve the issue.

Note: I am not facing this issue while running my code from RAM. I am having having this issues only writing the application image in Flash (Application image is from 0x0000 location onwards, Application specific data is from 0x16000 onwards).