Ethics and Business Conduct

Ethics and Business Conduct

Reporting Ethical Violations

We have established a number of ways in which employees and non-employees can report violations or suspected violations. Employees can report violations to their supervisors, to Human Resources, or to the Legal department, as appropriate, in addition to using any of the following methods. Non-employees may also report violations using the following methods.

Anyone who suspects a violation may have occurred may contact Dialog’s internal legal team by email at

Business Conduct Hotline

Anyone may also report a suspected violation by clicking the following link which will take them to an Expolink web page where they can obtain instructions for calling telephone hotline numbers in various countries:

The telephone lines are managed by a third party service provider, Expolink, and are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If they prefer not to use the telephone, they may make a report online at:

Or send an email to:

Anyone who uses the Business Conduct Hotline, may remain anonymous if they wish.