Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

We operate environmentally responsible practices with our own business and promote them across our supply chain.

As we contract out the fabrication of our products, our direct environmental impact remains limited. We aim to minimize our use of natural resources and reduce and eliminate all types of waste.

Energy-efficient ICs

Our products are based around a range of energy-efficient IC solutions. We aim to have a positive impact on the wider environment through the development and marketing of energy saving technology.



Pollution, resources and waste

We are certified to the ISO14001environmental management system standard, and our Company Quality and Management Manual support our efforts to achieve continuous improvement.

Our ISO50001-certified energy management system is a comprehensive tool to control energy efficiency within our internal facilities and equipment.

We further govern our environmental responsibility through our Code of Business Conduct, which addresses our emissions to air and water, resource use, management of hazardous substances and waste management.