Our strength is our diversity. Our employees represent 65 nationalities and work in 30 locations across 15 different countries

This gives us a huge R&D pool that allows for a strong focus on innovation. We continue to attract and nurture top talent worldwide.



We help our employees achieve their full potential through training and development. We offer all employees a wide variety of development opportunities and encourage a 70/20/10 development split of ‘on the job’ learning (70%), feedback and mentoring (20%) and classroom learning (10%).



Our global workforce continues to grow each year. Our employees represent 65 nationalities and we believe in recruiting globally for the most talented people. We identify where pools of engineering talent are located and build our business around them.



Listening to and involving our people in shaping the business is key to the success of the Company. We have a high participation rate (82%) in the ‘Voice of Dialog’ survey and in 2016 our biggest improving score was ‘I believe action took place on the last survey’. 

This year our key focus is to ensure that our employees across the world understand our corporate strategy and are motivated to achieve our goals.