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Elliott, Swindon
I initially joined Dialog for a three month placement as a Lab Technician and was then taken on permanently, working for Dialog in Swindon at the same time as studying to be an Electrician at Bath College. Some of the electrical theory is very similar so I can carry it straight over into my role with Dialog. As Lab Technician the engineers come to me if anything needs mending, altering etc. I spend a lot of time repairing and modifying test chips and boards and am the ‘go-to’ person for everything hardware! I completed my apprenticeship as an electrician, and am now developing my career within electronics engineering. Dialog were flexible enough to offer a day a week for me to focus on my qualification and his personal development whilst benefiting from on the job experience in the lab. It was great to be able to balance my work and study commitments. I think Dialog is a great place to work. I have friendly and helpful colleagues and the support here is great. It’s fantastic to be part of a growing company and I am keen to help Dialog reach their goals.
Alisdair, Edinburgh
I joined as ‘Junior Analog Design Engineer’ but have since been promoted to Analog Design Engineer, which is a varied and interesting role that requires excellent teamwork skills due to the number of different departments I need to work closely with. One of the reasons I enjoy working for Dialog is that they are still a relatively small company, so you really get to know the people you work with and get all the support and advice you need. The Edinburgh office itself is fantastic and in a great location, and I also love the fact that I am continually learning. I have enjoyed having real responsibility from day one – in my experience as a junior engineer you can be given side-projects that are ‘nice-to-do’, but in Dialog you are trusted on bigger and important projects right away. This gives a feeling that you are immediately helping the company to hit their targets and reach their goals. It makes you feel valued as a member of the team straight away.
Mairead, Edinburgh
I joined the design team in our Edinburgh Office in 2008, after graduating from the University of Edinburgh with a 1st Class MEng in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. I joined a team who were working on developing leading edge audio integrated circuits and began by developing some performance analog cells, along with some linear amplifiers. More recently I have worked on many key projects, designing blocks and circuits and developing new techniques. As an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh, I am passionate about developing business/academic links and encouraging young talent into the business. I currently act as a mentor for Edinburgh University placement students, passing on technical knowledge, ensuring that they are inducted into the company and that their time spent with Dialog is as beneficial as possible.
Parinda, Santa Clara
I joined Dialog as a Senior Digital Verification Engineer in the Santa Clara office. I chose to work for Dialog for lots of reasons, but most notably because they offered the opportunity to travel with work and the chance to work closely with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds, something which I really enjoy. Dialog’s Santa Clara office was also expanding and I saw lots of potential to develop my career within a successful and growing business in the future. I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and then spent my early career working as a Design Engineer before moving into the Verification area. I enjoy both aspects of my current role – being able to architect part of a design and then look at a different one and essentially try to break it – this combination is really interesting and makes me think about things in different ways. Doing Digital Verification within the mixed-signal world is a new aspect for me and means I get a chance to develop my understanding of analog and to explain digital to analog engineers. Engineers in general like new things and Dialog can offer these new challenges. Since joining Dialog one of the things that I have enjoyed most is exploring a new way to allow Digital verification methodology on an analog block – this is a new development within the industry and has been a great opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge and be involved with really cutting edge technology. I love that Dialog offers the opportunity to be creative in my role and to try my hand at tasks that I think will help improve things. I am also able to work independently, but still receive a great level of support and advice when needed.
Anil, Germering
I joined Dialog as a Junior Analog Design Engineer after graduating from the Technical University of Munich with a degree in Electronics and Communications. I knew that I wanted a career on the Electronics side rather than communications, but was aware that it was going to be tough to get into the semiconductor industry, so I was really excited when I applied for and was offered an opportunity with Dialog. I have a chance to work alongside some real experts and am learning so much from them. When I first started with Dialog I was assigned an experienced team member as a mentor, to help support and guide me during my first few months. It’s ideal having someone in my own office who can give me on-the-job training and offer help and advice when I need it. My role is varied and involves design, simulation, evaluation of analog circuits in the lab and supporting Dialog’s Layout Engineers. This is what makes the job so enjoyable, it’s both challenging and exciting to me. Besides the role itself I also love that with Dialog I get to work in an international environment. In the teams I work with currently there are colleagues from Austria, Japan, Germany, Italy, UK… the list goes on! I really enjoy working with people of other nationalities and getting to know a little about their cultures.
Paula, Swindon
I began at Dialog in the customer services team and after 3 years I had seen enough of the business to realize that I wanted to pursue a technical career. An opportunity arose to get involved in Assembly Engineering, which I jumped at, and transferred to the role of Assembly Engineering Technician. I received on-the-job training for this position, which mainly involved producing in-house prototypes and liaising with Assembly sub-contractors, which utilised the skills I already had from my time in Customer Services. After 2 years as Technician, I decided I wanted to further develop my engineering career and applied for the role of Junior Layout Engineer. Layout engineering appealed because it’s varied with no two days the same. It’s challenging but very interesting and there’s a great group of people in the team. I have since been promoted through our career levels to Senior Layout Engineer, gaining experience on increasingly complex and varied projects and taking on additional responsibility. I have also had the opportunity to act as ‘Lead Layout’ on several mixed-signal projects, which I have really enjoyed. The people at Dialog make the company the great success it is. There are a large number of people still working here that have been here since I first joined! We have all grown together with the company – it feels like one large family. During my time here at Dialog I have got married, had two children and recently celebrated my 20 years’ service.
Adam, Swindon
I joined Dialog for the first time on a 7 week internship through the UKESF scholarship program, for which I won the UKESF ‘Scholar of the Year Award’! I was based in Swindon for my first week, but then had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo for the rest of my time with the business. I was so excited about going to Japan, as Tokyo is one of the world’s most technologically developed cities and it was a dream come true to work there and see some of the country. The people in the office there were amazing – they really looked after me, making sure I settled easily into the city and the company and giving me real responsibility for my own work from day one. On graduating with a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton, I knew there was only one company I wanted to work for. I joined Dialog permanently as a Graduate Engineer based in the Swindon office and have never looked back. I love that Dialog offers the opportunity to travel and work abroad, and the size of the company is ideal – it’s still small enough that there is flexibility to gain experience within different areas, but it’s so ambitious and moving forward so quickly. It’s really exciting. I currently work within Dialog’s Advanced Technology group and am responsible for the new hardware and embedded software that will go into the next generation of Dialog products. The work is varied and comprises of design work and simulations, as well as spending time in the lab, and I’m able to work pretty independently but with lots of support available if I need it. Dialog’s Graduate Program is great – it’s tailored to me and offers all the challenges and learning opportunities I need to really develop my skills. It’s also offering me the chance to see offices in several countries and my longer-term plan is to relocate to Tokyo.
Hidenori, Tokyo
I joined Dialog Semiconductor in summer 2009 as a Senior Analog Design Engineer, working for our Advanced Technology Group in our Tokyo design center. After just 2 years, I became Group Manager of the center and was also recently appointed onto our Technical Ladder, having previously attended and presented at our annual Technical Ladder conferences. With a degree in Electric Engineering from Meiji University and over 13 years in the industry, I decided to join Dialog because I knew that I wanted to build a career in Power Management. As an engineer I am always looking for a challenge – Dialog offers the opportunity to work on cutting-edge power management circuits, which is both exciting and rewarding. I have also really enjoyed having the opportunity to act as a mentor to less experienced engineers who have joined my team and to the summer internship students who have worked at the Tokyo Design Center. I was proud to be the first Advanced Technology engineer in the Tokyo Design Center. In 18 months the team had grown substantially and was becoming involved in increasingly complex projects, mainly around next-generation switching & regulator functions. After being promoted to Group Manager of the Tokyo design team, I began to travel frequently to other offices in Germany and the UK to work on future projects and support existing ones. I've successfully submitted 5 patents since joining Dialog and appreciate the opportunity to work for a company where innovation is encouraged and colleagues receive all the support they need to be successful.

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