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About Us

Dialog Semiconductor is a leading provider of standard and custom integrated circuits (ICs) that power the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT applications. Dialog’s proven expertise propels the next generation of today’s devices by providing Battery Management, Bluetooth® low energy, Wi-Fi, Flash memory, and Configurable Mixed-signal ICs, improving power efficiency, reducing charge times, while increasing performance and productivity on the go.

Dialog operates a fabless business model and is a socially responsible employer pursuing many programs to benefit the employees, community, other stakeholders and the environment it operates in. With decades of experience and world-class innovation, we help manufacturers get to what’s next. Our passion for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit ensures we remain at the forefront of power efficient semiconductor technology for the IoT, mobile, computing and storage, connected medical, and automotive markets.

Our Business Groups

Advanced Mixed Signal

A business group providing advanced mixed signal ICs including:

  • GreenPAK™, a family of novel programmable or Configurable Mixed-signal ICs which integrate many system functions while minimizing component count, board space and power consumption.

  • Rapid Charge™, a comprehensive family of AC/DC controller solutions which enable fast and efficient charging for portable applications.

  • LED and MicroLED drivers for high performance TV backlighting, automotive headlamps and industrial solid-state lighting.


Connectivity & Audio

A business group focused on providing IoT connectivity and high performance audio System on Chip (SoCs) and complete module solutions. Products include:

  • A broad family of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) products providing high system level solutions for wearables, smart home, and connected medical applications.

  • Ultra low power Wi-Fi SoCs and combo Wi-Fi / BLE module solutions providing direct connection between the Wi-Fi router and battery powered IoT devices such as sensors, smart locks and security cameras.

  • Haptic drivers providing high definition haptic feedback in the next generation of human-machine interfaces.

  • Hi-Fi quality wireless audio modules and IC CODECs featuring low latency, beamforming and noise cancellation used in consumer applications such as gaming headsets and True Wireless Stereo ear buds and semi-professional microphones.

  • A family 1.9GHz and the latest 2.4GHz wireless audio SoCs providing robust low power audio system solutions for professional audio applications and high-end consumer headsets.


Custom Mixed Signal

A business group dedicated to providing custom ASIC products designed to replace discrete power management components with highly-integrated single chip solutions which deliver:

  • Higher energy efficiency, design simplicity and lower costs.

  • Optimized battery management for portable and mobile devices, automotive infotainment systems, solid-state drives and gaming.

  • High-quality efficient charging technologies extending battery life.


Industrial Internet of Things

Our latest business group providing a comprehensive range of innovative ICs and custom ASICs designed for the most challenging Industrial, advance Communications and Building automation markets. Typical applications include:

The business group also provides complete Industrial Edge Computing server platforms connecting manufacturing and building processes to cloud-based control and AI analytics.

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