SmartBond Reference Designs

Reference Designs

  • Any devices with Tile’s technology embedded will work with the Tile app to allow customers to keep track of their item(s), and leverage the Tile community to help locate the things that matter to them most.
  • The SmartBond™ BLE Range Extender reference design enables you to take full advantage of the output power of the Bluetooth low energy standard to extend the range of your applications.
  • The Smart USB Dongle device is a fully integrated USB to Bluetooth® LE solution, based on SmartBond™ DA14683 high-security Bluetooth LE SoC.
  • The emWin embedded graphics library developed by SEGGER Microcontroller is now offered by Dialog Semiconductor in library form for free commercial use with the SmartBond® DA1469x wireless microcontrollers.

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Development Tools

Our SmartBond™ products are supported by development kits and our SmartSnippets™ Bluetooth software platform to help you while you easily develop and add your own custom profiles as needed.


We are proud to partner with leading suppliers that have developed module sub-assemblies using SmartBond devices. Modules can provide a fast solution to a wide range of Bluetooth low energy developments.