SmartBond™ Applications


  • As electronic equipment becomes smarter and more mobile, the way we interact with it is changing. We want more control, more convenience and less clutter, which is driving huge growth in the wireless HID market.
  • Bluetooth® low energy is quickly becoming the communication standard of choice for wireless health and fitness devices. These emerging applications help people make healthier lifestyle choices and enable improved training and performance.
  • Increasingly, electronic devices are being used to help patients manage chronic illnesses and neurological disorders. These include wearable monitors for vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels and temperature, and implants.
  • Proximity applications are based on knowing and alterting you of the distance between two devices, such as keys or wallets, if the label goes out of range. Proximity information can also be used in asset tagging for inventory and automated access control.
  • Long dreamt of, the Smart Home is now becoming a reality. We can monitor and control our home security, lighting, appliances and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) from our smartphones and tablets – even remotely via the cloud.
  • As the world becomes ‘smarter’ we carry with us a whole host of battery powered, portable devices and that number continues to grow. Wireless charging offers us more convenience by simultaneously charging multiple devices without having to plug them in.
  • Today more devices are wirelessly connected and Bluetooth® is becoming the protocol of choice for short-range communications. Adding a stand alone HCI delivers standardised communication between the host stack and the Bluetooth controller.
  • Wearable electronics is entering every facet of our daily life, giving us new ways to improve our lives: from productivity to health and lifestyle. Revealing previously unattainable information about ourselves and our surroundings, they help advise us.

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