Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth low energy

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SmartBond™: power, size and system cost without compromise

Bluetooth low energy (previously called Bluetooth Smart) is the gateway to personal connectivity and easy access to the cloud. Dialog’s SmartBond™ family is the simplest route to delivering the most power-friendly and flexible Bluetooth connected products to the market.

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DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Module is available now!

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Easy to use & power friendly

Highly integrated, the SmartBond™ SoC family delivers the smallest, most power efficient Bluetooth low energy solutions available - and enables the lowest system costs. The product family includes generic and application-optimized solutions in various pin-compatible memory options, combining design flexibility with easy cost reduction. This is all backed up by our powerful SmartSnippets™ software tooling and extensive applications support, making it easy for designers to get the most out of their system. Our innovation roadmap ensures designers will have the Bluetooth solutions they need, when they need them, as markets evolve.

SmartBond™ Product Portfolio
DA14530 and DA14531* The world’s smallest and lowest power Bluetooth 5.1 System-on-Chip which enables the next 1billion IoT devices Connected consumer: Beacons, smart labels, remote controls, proximity tags, connected watches, stylus pens, mice, toys, low power sensors, Bluetooth LE
Connected health: connected injectors, inhalers, glucose monitors, smart patches, blood pressure meters, thermometers
Automotive: tire pressure monitoring systems and low power wireless sensors
DA1469x* The world’s most advanced wireless microcontroller product family Fitness trackers | Sport watches | Toys | Consumer appliances | Home automation| Industrial automation | Voice-controlled remote controls | Access control | Game controllers and headsets
DA14585* and DA14586* Smallest, lowest power and most integrated Bluetooth 5 SoC Beacon & Proximity | Remote Controls | HID | Smart Home | Connected Medical Devices | VR Controllers | Connected Sensors | Wireless Charging
DA14682* and DA14683* Single-chip high-security Bluetooth 5 solution with expandable memory Wearables | Smart Home | Apple Homekit | Bluetooth mesh | Cloud connected applications | Industrial | Human Interface Devices | Virtual reality remotes | Banking
Highest integration, flexibility and security
Wearables | Virtual Reality | HID | Smart Home | Apple HomeKit | Other rechargeable devices
World’s Smallest, Lowest Power and Most Integrated Bluetooth low energy Solution
Beacon & Proximity | Health & Fitness | HID | Smart Home
An Optimized Version for A4WP Wireless Charging and HCI Applications
Wireless Charging (Air Fuel) | HCI


* Recommended for new designs

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