The World’s Most Integrated SoC Meets Tile’s Thinnest Bluetooth® Tracker


The World’s Most Integrated SoC Meets Tile’s Thinnest Bluetooth® Tracker

Even as the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology continues to make our world better connected – and, as a result, trims the amount of clutter in our purses and wallets – no amount of new IoT apps can change the fact that we are all still prone to misplacing our valuables.

To help us keep track of the items we both need and lose most, Tile has produced consumer Bluetooth® tracking products that utilize our SmartBond™ technology. The latest generation of its tracker, Tile Slim, measuring only 2.4 millimeters in thickness, makes it the world’s thinnest tracking device, about as thin as two credit cards. As a result, the tracker fits perfectly into wallets, giving users the ability to ring their Tile Slim any time the all-too-familiar panic sets in when a wallet isn’t where they remembered leaving it.

Tile Slim is powered by the DA14580 SmartBond™ System-on-Chip (SoC), which delivers intelligent connectivity and power management features, and an ARM® Cortex® M0 processor. This SoC enables the industry’s highest Bluetooth® performance at the lowest power consumption, which keeps each Tile Slim running effectively for at least one year between charges.

Once a Tile Slim is hooked on, adhered to or placed within an object, users can ring it to locate the item within a range of approximately 100 feet via Bluetooth low energy using any smart device. If the missing object is outside of the 100 foot range, users can view their item’s last known whereabouts on a map through using their smart device or even tap into Tile’s “lost-and-found” community to track it down anywhere in the world.

Tile’s partnership with us to enable its latest consumer IoT product is just the latest in a series of integrations that are helping to establish Dialog as a key player in this growing sector of the consumer electronics market. The tag and beacon market in particular is poised to continue growing at a rapid pace, with ABI Research anticipating more than 500 million Bluetooth low energy shipments by 2021.

This news comes on the heels of the recent announcement that we are among the 200 most energy efficient large publicly-traded companies in the world. That news, coupled with the unveiling of our next-generation GaN semiconductor power management chips, cements the fact that we are positioned to continue playing a leading role in the IoT-heavy future of consumer electronics.

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