SmartBond™ Technology Tour: Coming to a City Near You


SmartBond™ Technology Tour: Coming to a City Near You

Back in February we launched our new DA1469x product family, our most advanced line of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) SOCs. Shortly after that, we hit the road with our SmartBond Technology Tour, giving people around the world the opportunity to get their hands on our DA1469x demos and try them out themselves.


Suffice it to say, the reaction we heard from the hundreds of engineers and other attendees who joined us on the tour was positive. As we gear up for the next wave of global stops on our 2019 SmartBond Technology Tour, let’s take a look back on the highlights of the tour so far.


A global impact

The SmartBond Technology Tour kicked off on February 23rd and passed through an average of eight different cities per month, across the U.S., Europe, China and India, for a total of 24 local events over three months.

  • U.S. – San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Detroit, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta
  • Europe – Eindhoven, Munich, Stuttgart, Leeds, Paris, Cambridge, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Wisebaden, Dortmund
  • China – Shenzhen (three stops)
  • India – Hyderabad and Bangalore


Altogether, we saw over 700 people show up for the tour’s two dozen events around the world. At any one of these stops, attendees had the chance to:

  • Learn more about Dialog and our vast suite of product solutions, like the GreenPAK™ designer software;
  • Check out our SmartBond BLE portfolio, including the DA1469x product family;
  • Participate in hands-on trainings;
  • Receive free development kits (over 1,000 were given out by tour’s end);
  • Get a first-hand look at the latest technologies across our different application areas.

And much more.


It was great to see so many engineers and enthusiasts turn out, given the 85% and above satisfaction scores they reported in surveys afterward, they were clearly just as excited to be there too.


What’s next

The SmartBond Technology Tour resumes this fall, for nine new stops in October and November. Check out the full list of dates and cities below:

  • Helsinki – Wednesday, 2 October
  • Vancouver – Tuesday, 8 October
  • Toronto – Thursday, 10 October
  • Warsaw – Tuesday, 15 October
  • Dublin – Wednesday, 23 October
  • Denver – Tuesday, 29 October
  • Seattle – Tuesday, 5 November
  • Tokyo – Thursday, 21 November
  • Lyon – Wednesday, 27 November

And good news for those attending the SmartBond Technology Tour in Helsinki, Warsaw, Dublin, Denver or Lyon – we’ll be hosting GreenPAK GoConfigure workshops along with our SmartBond events in those cities. Attendees looking to get the best of both worlds can choose to register for a full day that includes both SmartBond and GoConfigure sessions.

The second leg of the SmartBond Technology Tour is just around the corner. Make sure to register for the stop closest to you – we hope to see you there!