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Predictive Energy Management with SmartServer IoT and the IBM Watson IoT Platform

We recently announced availability of SmartServer™ IoT, Adesto’s next-generation edge server for building automation and industrial IoT. We designed the SmartServer IoT with services and software modules that let system integrators quickly deploy solutions and OEMs easily create custom applications. The product has multi-protocol IoT gateway functionality with edge compute resources and APIs to optimize the industrial IoT workflow between the cloud and edge.

In April, we demonstrated with IBM at its IoT Exchange event in Orlando how SmartServer IoT can seamlessly connect data to the IBM Watson IoT Platform and hence IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights. Facility managers and building owners can make use of that platform’s powerful capabilities to gain insights into energy consumption and the other operational aspects of a building. These insights can drive decision-making that can lead to increased efficiencies.

We created a new recipe published on the IBM Developer website where you can see for yourself how to connect meters and sensors in a building to analytics platform in the cloud in a matter of minutes. This recipe shows step-by-step how to connect a SmartServer IoT to an IOX module – which provides I/O expansion and energy metering for the SmartServer IoT. It then shows how to publish data to the IBM Watson IoT Platform over a secure MQTT connection and visualize the data in the Watson IoT Platform.

Since keeping energy consumption to a minimum is so important for building operators and facility managers, we focused this first recipe on energy metering. If you follow the steps, you’ll be able to see how to easily publish energy metering data from your building, your factory or your industrial equipment to the IBM Watson IoT Platform to take advantage of powerful cloud-based analytics.

Traditional building and industrial control systems aren’t going away, and rip and replace is not an option for building and operations managers with existing automation infrastructure based on BACnet, LON, Modbus or other field bus systems. SmartServer IoT can connect these legacy systems together and also connect these systems to cloud analytics platforms – making it easier for traditional industry to embrace the IoT and reap its benefits.

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