Looking back at Dialog’s CES 2019 Showing


Looking back at Dialog’s CES 2019 Showing

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the highlights of Dialog’s CES showing this year.

Wireless sound: Noise cancellation, audio over BLE and video games

By far, one of the most buzzed-about demos we brought to CES was our True Wireless Stereo Headset, which utilizes Bone Sensor Voice Activity Detection to activate or deactivate wireless audio signals just by relying on the bone vibrations of the headset’s wearer. By detecting when the wearer is speaking simply by picking up the that sound vibrates off their bones, the demo highlighted how efficiently it can filter out outside audio and create a high-quality, far more accurate noise-cancelling headset experience.

Our audio over BLE solution, based on the Dialog SmartBond™ Bluetooth LE SoC, is the industry’s first-ever implementation of Bluetooth low energy for True Wireless Stereo audio – and it was another big hit at CES. Our updated implementation for CES provides the capability to broadcast the same audio stream to multiple TWS headsets while delivering best-in-class audio latency and perfect synchronization between left and right channels on each headset. So, no surprise we saw a lot of interest there! 

On the wireless audio front, we also showcased how wireless video game controllers can utilize Dialog’s SmartBeat™ DA14195 to provide pro-level low latency for wireless gaming. The Dialog module coupled with the USB-C standard pipes high-fidelity game sound and voice chat from the controller into a headset and back, for a high-quality wireless audio gaming experience.

Backlighting HD and 4K TVs

Speaking of video games, we also highlighted at CES our 16-channel game display backlighting solution. The Dialog AS3824 LED TV backlight controller is designed for use in both HD and 4K monitors, dimming local sections of the screen as needed to both optimize picture quality and maximize power savings. With dynamic backlight refresh rate capability, our backlight driver solution is especially ideal for high-end gaming monitors.

Beyond gaming, anyone in the market for a high-end TV would get a firsthand look at how Dialog’s LCD TV backlight drivers – both the AS3824 and the iW7038 – are lighting up today’s leading TV manufacturers’ cutting-edge LCD and LED displays. Odds are if you’re looking at a 4K screen, you’re looking at Dialog.

Low-cost battery fuel gauge for wearables

We demoed the DA9070, our highly-integrated PMIC for wearables, as part of a low-cost battery fuel gauge solution. Compared to a dedicated fuel gauge IC, our software-based fuel gauge reduces board space by 90 percent and lowers costs by 75 percent. The demo kit included an evaluation board, intuitive design software and a step-by-step application guide for walking attendees through the ins and outs.

High-definition haptics driver

The DA7280 is a low-power, high-definition haptics driver, and we showed off its capabilities in full at CES. The Dialog haptics module features the industry’s lowest power consumption rate (80 percent lower than the nearest competitor); wide bandwidth for sharp, high-definition feedback; and a flexibility that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from mobile and wearables to gaming and VR.

This is just the beginning of what we have planned to show off and talk about in 2019. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in what Dialog will be bringing to the table for wireless audio, Bluetooth low energy, backlighting, wearables, haptics and much more!