How MobyLabs is Using Dialog’s SmartBond™ DA14683 to Streamline Security


How MobyLabs is Using Dialog’s SmartBond™ DA14683 to Streamline Security

Payment cards, public transit cards, office key cards, consumer loyalty cards – our lives are filled with different kinds of contactless cards, each serving a different function, each taking up space in our wallets. While IoT devices like smartphones and smart watches have provided digital alternatives to all these cards, that alternative is still dealing with just as many applications, and each one requiring its own security protocols to set up – from complicated password strings to two-factor authentication. Managing security across multiple cards, even just needing to carry multiple cards, is unnecessarily cumbersome and counterintuitive to what users expect in the IoT era.


That’s why MobyLabs UK is taking a streamlined approach to the storage and security of physical payment cards and keycards with AIRTAG: a new compact, keyfob-shaped device that allows users to securely store all of their contactless cards and NFC-enabled keycards on a single device.


AIRTAG is powered by MobyLabs’ Secure IoT Platform, a combination of a hardware reference platform and cloud service that makes it easy to securely deliver applications to end users via iOS and Android. And at the heart of what makes AIRTAG perform is Dialog’s SmartBond DA14683 bringing connectivity and power efficiency to AIRTAG with the highest level of security. Thanks to Dialog’s DA14683, AIRTAG can run for up to three consecutive months on just a single battery charge and is compatible with virtually any Bluetooth® LE-enabled device – including smartphones, PCs and smartlocks.


MobyLabs’ AIRTAG – available as both the AIRTAG Pro and AIRTAG Sense – not only consolidates all these consumer cards, but does so while both bolstering and simplifying security at the same time.


The AIRTAG Sense in particular utilizes a Fingerprints' state-of-the-art biometric sensor, in conjunction with two-factor authentication, to doubly reinforce user security. This helps to balance out the convenience of having so many cards on one device: if someone other than you were holding your AIRTAG, they still wouldn’t be able to access any of your cards because each application would require your unique thumb or index fingerprint to work.   


AIRTAG is a new way for managing end user data and redefining what data security should look like in an IoT-driven world: providing robust levels of data and biometric protection, while at the same time allowing the user mobility and flexibility in controlling how that data is accessed, controlled and shared. And Dialog is proud to have its SoC at the heart of it all, helping to make that happen.


MobyLabs’ AIRTAG is a great example of the kinds of cutting-edge IoT applications engineers and manufacturers can create using our SoC designs. Learn more about the capabilities that our SmartBondDA14683 bring to the table for our customers’ and partners’ products. And stay tuned to our blog for more stories of innovation that our customers are creating with Dialog SoC solutions.