Here’s what Dialog is bringing to CES 2018


Here’s what Dialog is bringing to CES 2018

Happy New Year! While most may treat the first weeks of January as a time to look ahead and set their personal or professional resolutions for the next 12 months, at Dialog we’ve got our eyes fixed squarely on just the next few days. That’s because the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just around the corner, and we have a ton we can’t wait to show off or talk about at this year’s event.

Here’s a quick look at just some of what Dialog is bringing to Las Vegas this year to show off at CES 2018.

DA14683: The next step in Bluetooth security

The new DA14683 SmartBond™ device is a dedicated, single-chip solution for wearables and other rechargeable devices, boasting a high level of integration and resulting in the lowest size, system cost and power consumption available over other chips.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. What really defines the DA14683 compared to its predecessors and peers is the upgraded security it provides, for both developers and users. Thanks to a dedicated hardware crypto engine, the DA14683 delivers end-to-end encryption and banking-level security protocols that ensure the utmost protection for personal data.

The security benefits of the DA14683 go even beyond that, including:

  • A secure JTAG interface, that prevents unauthorized SoC access
  • Secure boot functionality, which blocks application code theft
  • On-chip key storage that strikes the ideal balance between costs and cryptographic security.

With support for IPv6 carried over a Bluetooth low-energy adaptation layer, coupled with native IPv6 support enabled by a Internet Protocol suite, the DA14683 also facilitates Bluetooth low-energy applications to communicate directly with cloud platforms and IoT devices across IP-based networks.  This support also includes Bluetooth mesh functionality, for longer-range, many-to-many communications between new IoT applications, such as smart homes and lighting.

The DA14683 is set to release sometime in Q1 2018, but this year’s CES attendees can get a firsthand look of the chip before everyone else.

Energous Mid Field WattUp: A milestone in true wireless charging

Another product we’re particularly excited about bringing to CES this year is Energous’ Mid Field WattUp transmitter reference design. Not only does this new solution promise true, wire-free charging for devices, it was also just recently certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the first-ever FCC approval given to a wireless charging design under Part 18 rules. This is a historic milestone for the wireless charging industry and what consumers can expect for the future of their wireless devices.

The Mid Field WattUp reference design boasts an RF-based, wire-free system with a transmission range of up to 1 meter. Potential applications include computer monitors, smart speakers, desktop speakers and soundbars, but the fact is, once the designs hit the market, we will see a mass movement toward widespread wireless charging adoption, spanning a wide range of smartphones, wearables and other IoT devices. And, that potential is ready to burst right out of the gate, thanks to support from Dialog’s Bluetooth Low Energy, AC/DC and Power Management ICs, all of which can be combined with the WattUp design to create a real end-to-end wireless charging solution.

DA14585 Range Extender Daughterboard: Boosting the range of Bluetooth low-energy applications

Also coming to market soon: Dialog’s SmartBond Range Extender. These new reference designs aim to provide engineers with new means of increasing the range of Bluetooth low-energy applications, and to do so without compromising on power consumption or data rates in the process.

Based on the DA14580 and 14681 Range Extenders, the new DA14585 Range Extender design empowers users to program output power via software, in steps of 2 dBm, up to a maximum range of +9.3 dBM – strong enough to encompass whole-house indoor coverage.

This is just a small sample of what Dialog has on tap for the new year, and what we’ll be bringing to showcase in Las Vegas this year at CES.

To learn more about, or check out demos of, the Energous Mid Field WattUp design and Dialog solutions like the DA14683 and DA14585 in action, come visit us at our private demo suite in the Venetian at CES, from January 8-12.