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First Wall-to-Battery RapidCharge™ Solution for USB PD

Tomorrow's Smartphones Require Agile Power Management

Smartphones and portable devices continue to ship with larger batteries to support richer features, more powerful processors and large screens. These high-performance devices quickly deplete the batteries, requiring additional power to charge them and even more to charge them quickly. Dialog leads the way in RapidCharge™ solutions with a broad range of charging ICs that enable much higher efficiency, a very low BOM cost, and support virtually all fast charging protocols, including the new USB Power Delivery (USB PD) specification.

Consumer demand for rapid charging and very small form-factor travel adapters means OEMs need to pack more power into smaller form-factor adapters and phones without incurring thermal issues.  Addressing these market dynamics requires high power density, ultra-high efficiency IC solutions using fewer and smaller components. 

Our newest solution is a complete, wall-to-battery chipset that includes the DA9318 power converter IC, delivering 98% efficiency in fast-charging applications, and the market’s first state machine-based USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) interface IC, the iW656.

DA9318 in the Smartphone

The DA9318 comes in two product variants – the DA9318L, providing up to 8 A charging current to support 35 W of charging power, and the DA9318M, delivering 10 A charging current to support 44 W applications. The crucial advantage of this series is the high efficiency, up to 98 percent, when paired with our RapidCharge™ AC/DC power conversion chipsets, minimizing power and heat dissipation in consumer-friendly applications.

Unlike existing direct charging topologies which use low voltage and force the full charging current over the cable, the DA9318 line of converters allow for a 6 A charging current to be achieved via a standard 3 A USB cable.

iW656 USB PD Interface IC in the Travel Adapter

The iW656 is the first interface IC truly optimized for USB PD power supplies, allowing for far simpler travel adapter (TA) designs compared to traditional MCU-based solutions. The iW656 pairs with Dialog’s iW1781 (45 W) or iW1791 (27 W) AC/DC controller ICs and the iW676 synchronous rectifier to enable more compact, lower cost, higher efficiency (> 90%) TA designs using fewer external components compared to solutions currently available on the market.

The iW656 is USB-IF PD certified (USB PD 2.0) and compatible with USB Type-C™ Rev. 1.2. The chipset offers robust protection features and double-layer cable protection, including D+/D-/CC1/CC2 over-voltage protection (iW656) and SmartDefender™ advanced hiccup technology (iW1781).

The iW656+iW1781/iW1791+iW676 chipset delivers 2X the battery voltage, while the DA9318 doubles the current to charge the battery at ultra-high, 98% efficiency. This results in half of the battery charging current flowing through the charging cable and removes the heat dissipation from the mobile device – all with a zero cable cost adder (compared to standard direct charging). 

With the iW656 and the DA9318, Dialog now offers a complete wall-to-battery USB PD 2.0 and direct charging solution with breakthrough efficiency and impressive cost savings.

These are just two of the latest innovations we’re excited to announce that build on our strategy for delivering revolutionary charging solutions in the years to come. As the mobile landscape evolves, we’ll continue to be one step ahead in order to power the devices that will characterize our world in the years of years to come. Read more about the many different Power Management and RapidCharge™ solutions we’re proud bring to the market.